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Tue Nov 23 23:04:38 EST 2004


I hope this is how you post- I've never done this before.

Well, I've read posts here in spare moments for a long time.  Desperate 
to have people to discuss DWJ with, I realized that joining in here was 
a possibility.
I love DWJ books.  They are all so creative and different.  I re-read 
them over and over.  Right now I am reading the Chrestomanci books to 
my youngest brother, and am thrilled with his excited response to them.
If I had to choose a favorite DWJ book, I think it would be Hexwood.  I 
was wondering around what time that book was discussed here, so I could 
read what people have already written about it.
I also have a probably very stupid question.  I have the feeling I am 
missing something very obvious, or misinterpreting something...
	In the Chrestomanci books, people have multiple lives when they only 
exist in only one world.  Christopher has 9 lives, so there are no 
other Christophers.  Julia and Roger, it would seem, must also have 9 
lives, because without a Christopher to father them in other worlds, 
how can they exist in more than one world?  I didn't think they had 9 
lives- do they?  Or does my bothersome idea have a flaw?

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