howl's movie; and children's library policies

Ika blake at
Tue Nov 23 11:35:08 EST 2004

Deborah linked to:

> "In an attempt to make their children's areas more safe, Orange County
> (FL)
> libraries are no longer allowing adults without children to loiter in
> its children's area. <snip>

and commented:

> I understand, I really do.  Sadly this is probably a good idea.  But!
> What does "loiter" mean?  I browse in children's libraries, looking for
> interesting books.  For me.  Does that count as loitering?

I don't know what children's areas in Orange County, FL, libraries are
like: here in Leeds there's a 'homework area' with tables in the teenage
area, and beanbags etc for story time in the younger children's area, so
it would be fairly easy to distinguish 'selecting materials' (browsing)
from 'loitering' (sitting at the homework tables/beanbags offering a bag
of sweets round).

I'm not sure about the relative risk from predatory adults in the
children's section of the library, however: this strikes me as rather like
the school in the UK which made children wear safety goggles when playing
conkers, despite the fact there are no documented cases of eye injuries
from conkers.

ObDWJ: Conkers! Charmed Life!...

Nah, I got nothing.

Love, Ika

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