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I don't think of any of those as fan-fiction if they are published books; I
would say that the difference between "fan" (as "amateur") and
"professional" writing is whether or not it is making money for someone.
The content is of less importance, in that respect, whether it is a rip-off
from someone else's work or a new look at a situation being told from a
different viewpoint being almost beside the point.
I think they are still technically fan fiction because the people who wrote 
them are probably fans of the original and the authors are using the universe 
and characters of another author. Of course, all the books that have Charlie 
mentioned are so popular and familiar with the general public everywhere (Wizard 
of Oz, Hamlet, Beowulf) so you can publish fanfiction like books about them 
and not have it be a copyright infringement and people will buy them and 
understand them. I dont know if that made any sense but whatever. 
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