Fanfiction (was: this is gonna be weird)

Ika blake at
Mon Nov 22 13:12:37 EST 2004

JOdel wrote:

> Do I think that any of the authors on my site will ever go "pro"? Well one
> already has, in a modest way.

Two of the higher-profile writers in my main fandom (Blake's 7) -
including the one who is now my girlfriend - were full-time professional
fiction writers for many years *before* they started to write fanfic. (I
don't know if that's partly why I tend not to think of fanfic as a step on
the way to pro fiction. Hmm.)

Love, Ika

'Marx was right! Capitalism tends inevitably towards monopoly, and rich
people suck!'
- Mo, _Split-Level Dykes to Watch Out For_
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