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Minnow wrote:
> From the writers' point of view I can understand wanting to 
> find out what happened next, as it were, or what might have 
> happened if... x y or z instead of the original story; what 
> I don't really get is why it should be expected that anyone 
> else is interested, or if anyone else is interested
> why they shouldn't make up their *own* "here's what happened" 
> rather than read someone else's.

I can only speak for myself as a reader of fanfic, of course, and I don't read much at all, so I wouldn't call myself part of the fic culture. I do have some ideas about Harry Potter that I sort of play with, for my own fun, which I can't be bothered to spend the trouble on to actually write (anyone who cares can see footnote about it.) But I'm not as good a maker-upper as A. J. Hall- I wouldn't have come up with anything as good as Lust Over Pendle if I'd thought it out with both hands for a fortnight. She starts with a situation that I wouldn't have thought of, and writes a story that's fun to read and feels satisfying. ("As someone said, "Never in the whole history of the struggle against Voldemort was so unexpected a reversal inflicted so effectively by one so stunningly photogenic". Others might justifiably feel they had contributed more to Voldemort's defeat; Narcissa, however, got the book deals.") 
And I can still play with my own ideas as well.


I reckon all it would take for Harry to get sorted into Slytherin would be Draco being less indiscreet in the robe shop, so that Harry didn't get an instantly bad impression, and Lucius to have seen Harry and twisted Draco's arm into inviting him to sit together on the train. Harry gets filled up with how wonderful Slytherin are, and gets to boss Crabbe and Goyle about a bit to get a delicious sense of being the bully instead of the bullied. He never finds out that his parents were Gryffindors until after he's sorted (since he is so oddly incurious about them when talking to Hagrid). I think that could be a more interesting story, in terms of character; he is in a house where the Head hates him, many of his housemates despise halfbloods, and many of their parents were on Voldemort's side. Would he still end up a hero? (Plus, would Dumbledore give a first-year Slytherin his father's cloak? The events of the hiding of the Stone would be going on in the background, but Harry would probably never get mixed up in them.)
I had a look for some Harry-as-Slytherin stories, and found hardly any, just some remarks suggesting that those that exist are mostly rubbish. Does anyone have any recommendations?

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