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Devra wrote:
>  Well, in the old days when rocks were soft and everyone used a Correcting
Selectric typewriter (rather than a computer) fanfic was generally >
published in hardcopy by an editor.  If you were lucky, the editor had a
good grasp on such trifles as grammar and the logical progression of
>  action.

I don't read any Harry Potter fan-fics, almost as a matter of principle. I
tell the fans that I don't want to ever find myself confused about whether
something actually happened in the books or just in a fan-fic, but
truthfully, I just don't have the time to get sucked into it!

In fact I was inclined to be disdainful of fan-fic, until I realised that I
had WRITTEN fan-fic, without calling it that. I had two Oz stories printed
in the story magazine "Oziana" which is published by the Int. Wizard of Oz
Club. I had the privilege of having my stories not only edited but
illustrated by professional illustrators (Eric Shanower and David Maxine).
They were a lot of fun to write and I was very proud of them - even won
prizes for 'em - but I haven't felt like writing any more Oz stories since
then. That's not enitrely accurate. I've always wanted to write a story
about something Jack Pumpkinhead found in the pockets of his old clothes
(the ones that came out of old Mombi's trunk). But maybe I'm too old now to
write fan-fics. Anyway, I hope next time the muse strikes, if I have time to
listen, it will be original characters I write about.

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