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Mon Nov 22 06:31:32 EST 2004

>Minnow wrote
>>There are some secondary characters in some books whom I feel need
>>>> and giving their own stories.  I shan't give examples because it wouldn't
>>>> be fair, but it sometimes feels as if there ought to be a Society for the
>>>> Protection of Spear-Carriers

and Margaret replied:
>Spear-carriers, like houses, can be self-aware. And it is fun to imagine
>their stories.

I think most of them *are* aware -- possibly with the exception of zombies,
whom I feel no particular need to rescue: anyhow there are probably plenty
of stories by now with cuddly zombies who carry pooper scoopers to gather
up their rotting bits if they drop them on carpets...   Them and the
mind-controlled armies, and those are generally either rescued by the
author so they can fight on the right side at a critical moment or else die
*dead* when the wizard controlling them is killed.

>You know the ballad where the silkie tosses the mother some money and
>says "Give to me my little young son, and take you up your nurse's
>fee."  I never could understand why she put up with that, so I wrote a
>short story once from her pov where she says, in essence, "Like hell I
>will, this is my kid and I'm keeping him."

I know it.  I've filked it.  It goes very well with the "abducted and
impregnated by aliens" fantasy/myth/thingy.  "An _earthly_ nurse sits and

>Much, much later on I discovered the few verses of the silkie ballad
>that Joan Baez sings embedded in an extremely long and complicated
>Orkney song with plots and subplots, in which the mother giving up the
>half-silke child actually makes sense in the context.

If you happen to have that available I would really love to read it.  I
always did think it couldn't be the whole story.  It's like Little Matty
Groves, another version of which I was told as a child by a woman in
Corbridge; it helps to know that [a] Matty had been her lover before he
went off to the wars and was Missing In Action Presumed Dead [2] she was
pregnant when he left, and [3] there were two Lords Donal, father (who
killed her) and son (who had married her because he was Matty's best friend
and she was in trouble).


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