Places are people too?

Ika blake at
Mon Nov 22 06:24:51 EST 2004

Minnow wrote:

> We seem to have a Gnome in the front room <snip>
> It had a
> passion for small green objects at one point, <snip>

> Luckily a bit of
> bribery
> in the form of a large number of green costume-jewels under the fitted
> carpet seems to have worked.

Wow! Sounds like a goblin to me ("Nymph, nymph, what are your beads?"
"Green glass, goblin, why do you stare at them?") I'm glad your one didn't
have to just lie in the mud and howl for green glass objects. (I always
worried about that goblin.)

Love, Ika

PS: Ven wrote:

> Ika wrote about coming home
> <to find my bed occupied by a former lover
> and the sister of another former lover.>

Not me - my life is much less exciting than that, though, so it's a
flattering misattribution!

'Marx was right! Capitalism tends inevitably towards monopoly, and rich
people suck!'
- Mo, _Split-Level Dykes to Watch Out For_
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