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Katarina Hjärpe head_overheels at
Mon Nov 22 02:01:57 EST 2004

>|Most of fanfic is as *bad* as the "anything else" that you 
and your
>|magazine rejected, surely?

Indeed. Bad choice of words for my parts. I should say, "as good or bad," 
though I haven't found a fanfiction genius just yet – some that are good 
enough for publisihing, maybe even better than the original story, but none 
that are "this will be remembered for all time."

>|It seems daft not to admit that some writing
>|just is Bad Writing, and that some people *simply cannot write and 
>|not to do it*, and it's an awful waste of their time if nobody tells 
>|so (kindly and politely but firmly) so that they can go away and do
>|something else that they might be better at, and stop being an
>|embarrassment to their friends and later on to themselves.

Aw. We never told people that, though. Maybe we should have – some of the 
worst writers had no self-judgement and kept sending the same kind of tripe 
over and over again. Though only one ever claimed we were making a mistake 
by not taking in his poem: "You can't say that it's 'too wordy' when every 
word is beautiful and needed..."

>Er.  Was that my outside voice?  Seriously, I love you all, so you
>should all disagree with me, except for Katta who is strangely Swedish.

I am strangely Swedish? In what way is my Swedishness strange? Is there some 
way to be un-strangely Swedish?


Lättare att hitta drömresan med MSN Resor

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