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Sun Nov 21 23:52:18 EST 2004

On Fri, 19 Nov 2004, Ika wrote:

> Ooh. Is there anyone here who read Lives of Christopher Chant before
> Charmed Life? I imagine that would have quite an effect on what you
> thought of Chrestomanci...
> Love, Ika

<raises hand>.  Yup!  In fact, way back in May of 2000, I wrote a message
about that to the list, which I can quote in part here.

"I mean, ever since the first time I read _Charmed Life_, I've always
thought about how some things that are no supposed to be obvious (maybe
not deeply hidden, but not obvious) seeme that way to me.  So I was never
surprised by the fact that Chrestomanc and Millie/y could cast magic, or
by Chrestomanci being the cousin of Cat's parents, or the true nature of
his job.  I was wondering if there are equivalents in reading the books in
the order I did.  I mean, I was neve surprised by the nine lives or the
magic in _Lives_, even though I read i first; the packaging of my copy
sorta spoils all that, plus, by the tim I was nine, I knew that this was
the way that sort of book went.  On the other hand, I was surprised when
the Goddess actually did come through into Christopher's world; I think
that if I had read _Charmed Life_ first, I wouldn't have been."

I also wonder to what extent the fact that I've never had a crush on
Chrestomanci is attributable to the fact that I knew him first not as a
suave adult but as a rather obnoxiously arrogant child ;-).

As for reading order in general, I always make sure to read things in
publication order.  Except for the _Chrestomanci_ books.  I always re-read
those with TLoCC first, because that's how I did it originally, and I'm
attached to it in consequence ;-).


"It's not like we'll never know love."
		---Steve Jackson (Belle & Sebastian), "Jonathan David"

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