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Paul Andinach pandinac at
Sun Nov 21 19:49:35 EST 2004

On Sat, 20 Nov 2004, Katarina Hjärpe wrote:

> > I see a difference between mnaking new fiction by taking communal
> > cultural artifacts like Norse gods and the mad wife in the attic
> > (even a specific mad wife in a particular attic)  and using
> > somebody else's teabags.
> So you consider the Peter Pan sequels "teabags" but the Wild
> Sargasso Sea "not teabags"? How does that figure?

For what it's worth, it seems to me that there's a difference between
a sequel or companion being spontaneously written, as happened with
'Wide Sargasso Sea', and any given sequel that was commissioned by the
Estate of X to keep the rights live, which I've heard said of at least
one Peter Pan sequel.

They're both cases of reusing teabags, perhaps, but one is reusing a
teabag because they believe it still has a good cuppa left in it,
while the other is reusing the teabag because they want a cup made
with that particular teabag and don't care about the quality of the
result. Or something.

> Oops. My initial part wasn't needed, I see.

Perhaps not, but it was written so well that it justified its own

"Hold fast to the one noble thing."

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