another pubmeet? (was RE: DWJ tribute at IBBY conference)

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Sat Nov 20 19:22:39 EST 2004

Gili wrote:
>Charlie mentioned the National Centre for Research in Children's Literature
>at Roehampton - speaking of which, I've enrolled for their summer school
>August 3-8, which comes just after a Harry Potter convention I'm hoping to
>attend in Reading July 29-31. I'd like to very selfishly inquire about the
>possibility of having another DWJ-pubmeet in Bristol on one of the
>in-between-days - Thursday Aug. 1 or Friday Aug. 2? Or possibly roundabout
>July 28 or August 9? Minnow, could you ask for me? Is anybody else up for a
>mini-convention or event in Britain this summer? I wish I could offer to
>host it, but the closest I can come is to ask my aunt's permission to use
>her house in SW London. She would probably even agree, but I imagine DWJ
>won't be to keen on making the trip.

I've now had a chance to ask DWJ about this (she's had a rotten 'orrible
lurgy since last weekend and it seemed the wrong time to ask her *anything*
until she felt a bit better) and she says regretfully that you picked the
time next summer when she simply can't commit herself to doing anything.
3rd August is John-her-husband's birthday, and their sons have decided to
have a sort of ongoing family holiday in relays, starting on the last
weekend of July and going on through both their parents' birthdays, for
three weeks.  She hasn't yet been made privy to all the details even if
they have been sorted out, she says with some apprehension, but it all
seems to be being Organised Round Her so that she won't have to worry about
anything -- which as she says is probably the most worrying thing anyone
could possibly say, but it will be all right really only she hopes they
will let her know what sorts of things she needs to pack and when and to go

So I'm afraid this one is a non-starter.  Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.


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