Places are people too?

Dorian E. Gray israfel at
Sat Nov 20 13:39:32 EST 2004

Sallyo said...

> Mine was a frustrated matchmaker. It wanted Ashendon-blood caretakers, so
> when an uncle/niece romance threatened it, it killed. Having got the
> it then had a go at a "foreign" suitor who was going to take the female
> away...
> S
> > Oh yeah, I had a sentient house in a role-playing game I ran once.  But
> > only murdered would-be burglars. :-)  Come to think of

Mine was the characters' home base and came complete with a butler who could
get them almost anything (Character: "We need 50 kilos of dynamite."  Jones:
"Very good, sir."  Dynamite is delivered on a silver salver).  I drew the
line when they asked for an atomic bomb. :-)  The house was very good about
delivering a character to (a) where he wanted to be or (b) where the house
thought she needed to be whenever someone walked through a door.  Burlgars
and other intruders, however, found themselves unable to leave whatever room
they'd got into and starved to death.


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