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> Other lines include "the whole city getting stiff in the
> building heat," "I'm sorry, but I had to make love to all the cracks in
> the pavement and the shop doorways and the puddles of rain that reflected
> your face in my eyes," and "The city's out to get me, but I won't sleep
> with her this evening.  Though her buildings are impressive and her
> cul-de-sacs amazing, she's had too many lovers. . . ."  I don't know if
> this helps you, but it seems relevant.

This reminds me of a passage in _Kitty Foyle_, by Christopher Morley, in 
which he describes a city (probably Philadelphia) in high summer. I can't remember 
the exact words, and a paraphrase would be really icky, but it ends with the 
city flopping down and saying Take Me.

Though I wasn't wild about that particular city-as-woman trope, I think 
Morley was a really interesting stylist, particularly in _Kitty Foyle_ and _The Man 
Who Made Friends with Himself_ (though I haven't read either for many years, 
so it's possible my mature judgment might be different).

Helen Schinske
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