Places are people too?

Dorian E. Gray israfel at
Sat Nov 20 13:30:21 EST 2004

Minnow said...

> The Knowledge Pika explained:
> >Domovoi. House trolls. I am of the opinion that I have a domovoi that
> >feels the need to harrass me by taking my stuff and hiding it, and/or
> >tripping me up or knocking things over in the next room, if I'm not at
> >least TRYING to clean up from time to time.
> We seem to have a Gnome in the front room (it's probably an earth
> really, one of the smaller not-very-bright ones),

<snip description of Gnome's behaviour>

We have something similar too.  We call it Denis (after the ghost in Cordy's
apartment in "Angel") because we don't know who or what it is.  We think it
was resident in Patrick's parents' house in Auburn Street, because we never
had incidents in the flat we were in before we moved in there.  But once we
moved into Auburn Street, we started having items vanish.  They'd not be
findable anywhere.  And then, some days later, the missing thing would
reappear somewhere that (a) we'd already looked for it, (b) wasn't where we
were sure we'd left it and (c) wasn't anywhere it should have been.  We
decided it must be a resident spirit of some kind that is curious about our
possessions.  The interesting thing is that when we moved from Auburn Street
to our current home, Denis came with.  We still have item-vanishing
incidents (most notably, my sewing kit vanished from the dining room and
came to light in the attic!), but Patrick's mother, who moved back into
Auburn Street when we left, never did.  Denis seems to like us.

Friends of ours have something of the sort too, but their whateveritis not
only takes their things away, but also brings them things that they don't
own and have never seen before!


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