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> So what is the order?  *The Lives of Christopher Chant*, followed by
> *Conrad's Fate*, yes, but then?  In which order are *Witch Week* and
> *The Magicians of Caprona*, and are they before or after *Charmed
> Life*, and what about the short stories?

The order we have it in the DWJ wiki is:

 * The Lives of Christopher Chant
 * Conrad's Fate
 * Charmed Life
 * "Warlock at the Wheel"
 * The Magicians of Caprona
 * "The Stealer of Souls"
 * "Carol O'Neir's Hundredth Dream"
 * Witch Week
 * "The Sage of Theare"

"Warlock at the Wheel" is of course immediately after 'Charmed Life'.

"Stealer of Souls" is, by internal evidence, immediately after 'The
Magicians of Caprona' - which is therefore after 'Charmed Life' - and
immediately before "Carol O'Neir's Hundredth Dream".

"The Sage of Theare" is awkward, spanning as it does so many years.
The early bit appears to be before 'Charmed Life', the middle bit with
Cat is obviously some time after, and the ending consequently years
after anything else in the series. The list above follows 'Mixed
Magics' in listing it according to the ending.

The placement of 'Witch Week' is vague - there's a reference
establishing it as following 'Charmed Life', but that's it. In the
list above, I arbitrarily put it after 'The Magicians of Caprona'
because of publication order.

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