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        Now I trust that there is not more than one Sally Odgers who writes 
young adult books, and so I must assume that the one whose book "Boy Down 
Under" is discussed in the article in Publishers Weekly dated Nov 15 2004 ('Chick 
Lit for Teens and Tweens', p 24 - 26) and whose book cover is so delightfully 
centered on p 26 - is our Own True Sally.  wow.  The publisher is quoted as 
saying 'In fact, in October we published Boy Down Under - [chick lit] with a 
fantastical twist, in which a strong, sassy heroine must discover if her new 
boyfriend is real or imaginary.'
     Way to go, SallyO!
     In fact it's an excellent article anyway, explaining why kids are tired 
of 'problem novels' and want to read about people who aren't being sexually 
abused, or alcoholic, or bulimic, or...
     Devra, amazed that no other librarians or booksellers saw this first!

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