Places are people too?

Ven vendersleighc at
Fri Nov 19 20:22:23 EST 2004

I've always been partial to sentient buildings
myself. Does Teresa Edgerton have one in that
celtic inspired series of hers? I'm blanking on
the details because I have sworn not to reread
until I can get hold of the missing book (#3 in
the first trilogy). Does the maze in Amber
qualify?  There are quite a few in science
fiction I think but they are AIs with computer
brains and may be cheating. Dwj has one in No
One, I think the mansion itself is both sentient
in its own right AND has a computer system to
play with AND a free thinking spirit of place
too. Dwj not doing things by halves! For an RPG I
once had a library that was, in fact, the mind of
Thoth the Egyptian god of Knowledge. That was

The idea that places have spirits is basic
animism, to this you can add the Small Gods
concept -- that it is the investment of human
reverence and worship that creates the divine --
to explain why some places have more spirit than
others. This would explain the kind of wild place
that has accrued legends, like the Black Forest
or the eerie crags near Sheffield that boast a
dragon's den among other things as well as
manmade artifats from the Bronze Age stone
temples on Malta to houses and entire cities.

Ika wrote about coming home

<to find my bed occupied by a former lover 
and the sister of another former lover.>

which made me think that a house that could
actually exert that kind of influence over people
would be very dangerous indeed.


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