Places are people too?

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Fri Nov 19 19:10:23 EST 2004

The Knowledge Pika explained:

>Domovoi. House trolls. I am of the opinion that I have a domovoi that
>feels the need to harrass me by taking my stuff and hiding it, and/or
>tripping me up or knocking things over in the next room, if I'm not at
>least TRYING to clean up from time to time.

We seem to have a Gnome in the front room (it's probably an earth elemental
really, one of the smaller not-very-bright ones), usually detected by being
a Gap In Reality over which one slightly trips, like the step one treads on
in a dream and finds as one does so that the step isn't there.  It had a
passion for small green objects at one point, and used to remove them
(though sometimes it gave them back if our resident child was really upset
about the loss: they would re-appear some time during the night, on the
fourth stair up from the hall in a place where one couldn't possibly have
missed seeing them on the way up to bed the night before).  I can live
without the tops of old green felt-tips, and the smallest beakers from sets
of stacking beakers, and even infant-sized green bobble-hats, but umbrellas
is pushing it, and on one occasion the Gnome abstracted a large
green-and-white golfing umbrella from the household after we had gone to
bed and put it into some other-dimensional hole.   Luckily a bit of bribery
in the form of a large number of green costume-jewels under the fitted
carpet seems to have worked.  When we had to get a new carpet, the costume
jewels had gone, but nothing else had been missed in quite the same utterly
inexplicable way during the twelve years after the umbrella incident.

The corner the Gnome seems to prefer is the only bit of the entire house
that hasn't at one time or other since we've been living here either fallen
down or tried to fall down, but I wouldn't like to hazard a guess whether
that is cause or effect, as it were.  Earth elementals don't like change
much, as a rule, and it's probably only just got used to having that bit of
house there after 130-odd years, and would resent it moving away at this
point, but it could just be that corner wasn't moving anyway.

It's never given the umbrella back though drat it.


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