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Fri Nov 19 19:10:20 EST 2004

>> > A question that arises with
>> > Chrestomanci too, of course.
>> Ooh. Is there anyone here who read Lives of Christopher Chant before
>> Charmed Life? I imagine that would have quite an effect on what you
>> thought of Chrestomanci...

Charlie pointed out:

>Not only that, when *Conrad's Fate* with its teenage Christopher is
>published next year it will slot in before *Charmed Life* at number two in
>the series...

So what is the order?  *The Lives of Christopher Chant*, followed by
*Conrad's Fate*, yes, but then?  In which order are *Witch Week* and *The
Magicians of Caprona*, and are they before or after *Charmed Life*, and
what about the short stories?

I've never had any particular views about which happened when in terms of
Christopher Chant's lifespan.  Does everyone else?


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