Chronology (was this is gonna be weird)

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at
Fri Nov 19 15:36:40 EST 2004


><shuffles feet sheepishly> Um, I'm reading in that order because my
>girlfriend told me to. I forget why (maybe partly because I had actually
>read Spellcoats, many years ago when I was tiny), so I asked her, and she
>said, outraged, "But that's the order in which they *happened*!" So I said
>[she's just reread the Narnia books] "You wouldn't read _The Magician's
>Nephew_ first, though, would you?" and she said "Yes, I would! I just did!
>You *told* me to!"  Which I had to admit, I had, because I am a very
>literal-minded person and I was brought up on the ones Judith mentioned,
>where TMN was numbered '1'... Strangely, though, I *think* of myself as
>the sort of person who would be a fairly strong advocate of reading in
>publication order. Hmmm.

Must be my (ancient) age, cause I was brought up reading TLTW&TW 
first, and might not have quite Judith's rage about it, but -- that's 
still the right way to me and the numbers slapped on the books is 
more irritant than proof.

>Ooh. Is there anyone here who read Lives of Christopher Chant before
>Charmed Life? I imagine that would have quite an effect on what you
>thought of Chrestomanci...

I did.  (As did both girls, because I read all the early-for-us books 
to them!)  Just picked the book up in the library as I thought the 
title sounded interesting, never having heard of DWJ, and it never 
said anything that I can remember about how you were *supposed* to 
read Charmed Life first!  It did make a big difference, too, (or I 
think so - as much as you can be sure about how the way you first 
read something affects you)- but I think I'd have loved CL a lot more 
if I'd done it the other way round.

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