fanfic PS (was this is gonna be weird)

Ika blake at
Fri Nov 19 14:11:52 EST 2004

Minnow wrote:

> Seems to me that either it's derivative, which I suppose it's fair to give
> warning about so those of us who like our fiction a bit original can be
> warned and avoid it, or it isn't, in which case why not let us know that
> it
> isn't a hack re-write of something we enjoyed before it was regurgitated?

I'm not sure if I'm reading you right, but I just wanted to point out that
most fanfiction *doesn't* re-tell the original story, so it's not a hack
rewrite in that sense. (And the world is old enough now that almost all
fiction is going to fall somewhere between 'completely derivative' and
'completely original'...)

Love, Ika (priding herself on not mentioning *Wide Sargasso Sea*, for
once... d'oh!)

'Marx was right! Capitalism tends inevitably towards monopoly, and rich
people suck!'
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