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Fri Nov 19 13:36:48 EST 2004


>> PS: I have now read the first two Dalemark books and am waiting for a
>> moment to report back on them before I get on to Drowned Ammett and the
>> Crown of Dalemark. Hooray!
> So you're reading them chronologically rather than in order of
> publication? Is that deliberate? (As a matter of fact so did I, but that
> was because I happened to find the Spellcoats first.)

<shuffles feet sheepishly> Um, I'm reading in that order because my
girlfriend told me to. I forget why (maybe partly because I had actually
read Spellcoats, many years ago when I was tiny), so I asked her, and she
said, outraged, "But that's the order in which they *happened*!" So I said
[she's just reread the Narnia books] "You wouldn't read _The Magician's
Nephew_ first, though, would you?" and she said "Yes, I would! I just did!
You *told* me to!"  Which I had to admit, I had, because I am a very
literal-minded person and I was brought up on the ones Judith mentioned,
where TMN was numbered '1'... Strangely, though, I *think* of myself as
the sort of person who would be a fairly strong advocate of reading in
publication order. Hmmm.

But when I get to the end I'll let you know what I thought. I had fun
matching characters in *Spellcoats* to people in songs in *Cart and
Cwidder*, so that was an advantage to reading in chronological order.

> A question that arises with
> Chrestomanci too, of course.

Ooh. Is there anyone here who read Lives of Christopher Chant before
Charmed Life? I imagine that would have quite an effect on what you
thought of Chrestomanci...

Love, Ika

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