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Thu Nov 18 03:47:28 EST 2004


>Jon replied to me...
>>  > Yes, I've been toying with an aspect of that notion
>>  > for a year or so, after
>>  > seeing a graffito which read "Alison loves Carlow"
>>  > (Carlow is a town and a
>>  > county here).  The writer *could* just have meant
>>  > that Alison really likes
>>  > living in Carlow (or maybe would like to), but I
>>  > read it as Alison loving
>>  > Carlow the way her mate Mary loves Joe.  So I have
>>  > this half-assed idea for
>>  > Alison and Carlow's love story.
>>  I'm grappling with the notion of the consumation of
>>  this relationship. Handled well it could be great
>>  story if that love was recripocated (or even if on
>>  Carlow's part is was just lust)*
>Heh, yeah, that's part of what's giving me trouble with the idea, along with
>how the hell does someone fall in love (in that way) with a *place* in the
>first place.  I suspect that once I figure out the latter, the former may
>solve itself.

:)  Unless it's changed a lot since I was there last, Carlow town's 
not the easiest place to imagine falling in love with, even if you 
can do it for some others!  All those ancient Greek stories of people 
falling for river gods are far easier to see, as the guys could be 
pretty hot, but Carlow?  Hey, maybe you should try Limerick - for its 
(to you!) bad boy appeal?  ;)

I am so not off-topic either, as my AB's* family lived in Carlow. 
(In all fairness, I also had a perfectly lovely bf, and several 
friends at Uni. from Carlow)

*AB = awful boyfriend, and we have discussed in the past the perfect DWJ ABs.


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