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> Minnow said...
> >
> > Is Brittany female?  Or alternatively, is a
> section of France being a
> > druid?  Now *that's* a thing DWJ might find fun to
> play with: bits of
> > countryside, personified, trying to find
> employment in nice respectable
> > trades.  I think I'll put it to her as a
> suggestion for a short story.
> Yes, I've been toying with an aspect of that notion
> for a year or so, after
> seeing a graffito which read "Alison loves Carlow"
> (Carlow is a town and a
> county here).  The writer *could* just have meant
> that Alison really likes
> living in Carlow (or maybe would like to), but I
> read it as Alison loving
> Carlow the way her mate Mary loves Joe.  So I have
> this half-assed idea for
> Alison and Carlow's love story.

I'm grappling with the notion of the consumation of
this relationship. Handled well it could be great
story if that love was recripocated (or even if on
Carlow's part is was just lust)*

> DWJ has sort of done something like this
> personification already, with
> Salisbury & co. in "The Merlin Conspiracy". 

I was about to point out the same - DWJ is ahead of us

Getting back to the original (and I use that word
advisedly) piece of Fanfic. I'm rather surprised to
find the third of the characters called Mary rather
than Jane or Quinn. Daria's personality as well as her
name seems to come from the TV series of the same
name. (at least in the small bit I was able to read)


*adds a whole new meaning to the phrase "take your
love to town"

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