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deborah wrote:

>On Wed, 17 Nov 2004 minnow at wrote:
>|I know I am ignorant of fanfiction, and I have to ask: apart from the
>|mention of Kingsbury, which I will agree is the name of a town in a DWJ
>|book, has this got anything at all to do with DWJ's work?  Or is it set in
>|Fantasyland, and that's the only link?
>Minnow, I will never forgive you for asking the questions which sent me
>to go read this story.  Never.

Eh?  Wha'd'I *do*?

<dives rapidly into impenetrable waterweed>

>(To answer your general question, there are some quality stories in
>which the only thing in common with the source work is, say, a shared
>metaphysics.  For example, a Buffy fanfiction story could tell the tale
>of a slayer in 4th century Norway.)

So whyeveronearth say it is to do with Buffy?  Why not just call it a story
about a vampire slayer in 4th century Norway?  (Not that there is that much
evidence for vampires there/then, I don't suppose, but no matter.)  One
might as well say that a story about Robin Hood was "Simon Templar fanfic",
I'd've thought.

Seems to me that either it's derivative, which I suppose it's fair to give
warning about so those of us who like our fiction a bit original can be
warned and avoid it, or it isn't, in which case why not let us know that it
isn't a hack re-write of something we enjoyed before it was regurgitated?
Either way I wouldn't have thought it was to the author's advantage to call
it a story about someone already known.  Like the "sequel" to *Kim*, which
wasn't (apart from a coincidence of name); or the telly series of *Coral
Island*, in which the names of the three boys were the same and nothing
else, not even their parentage or character or station in life, was left
intact... Why not just call it something else, and claim originality?

>And to punish you, I'm going to share more of this story, to be found at



<hasty snippage>

>My horribleness acknowledged, let's get on with it.)

<more hasty snippage>

>I quote:

Not to me you don't!!  I need no more bad prose in my life.

You have no idea how dire the scripts sent in unsolicited to the publisher
of a comic with a barbarian heroine in thighboots can be.  Just none.
*Nobody* who hasn't published such a comic can have any idea of the
horror... the horror...

The Basques!  The terrible Basques!

Actually the really awful thing was the wannabe artists' attempts to draw
the human form divine.  Those were *painful* because they were so bad: one
just knew that the poor girl they were drawing was in constant pain, not to
mention having a severe complex because one of her legs was six inches
longer than the other and her bo-o-o-osom knocked her out with a right hook
to the chin if she moved suddenly or indeed at all in some cases.  Or there
was the one with two left hands....  The scripts were merely soft-porn, as
a rule, and I used to ignore the content, correct the grammar and spelling
and punctuation, and fire them back.  Nobody ever sent a second one.  I
can't imagine why not.  :-)


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