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|I know I am ignorant of fanfiction, and I have to ask: apart from the
|mention of Kingsbury, which I will agree is the name of a town in a DWJ
|book, has this got anything at all to do with DWJ's work?  Or is it set in
|Fantasyland, and that's the only link?

Minnow, I will never forgive you for asking the questions which sent me
to go read this story.  Never.

(To answer your general question, there are some quality stories in
which the only thing in common with the source work is, say, a shared
metaphysics.  For example, a Buffy fanfiction story could tell the tale
of a slayer in 4th century Norway.)

And to punish you, I'm going to share more of this story, to be found at

(Disclaimer: I am a terrible bad evil person.  I wholly want all people
to be DWJ fans, the more the better.  So I should state for the record
that I am not mocking the author, Moonlight at midnight, I am mocking, for its discouragement of beta-readers and genuine constructive
criticism.  I would also like to state for the record that when I was at
the age Moonlight at midnight is probably at, I, too, wrote Mary Sues
(unsubtle author inserts in which I was the coolest person on the planet
and the heroes all luuurrved me).  But there was no internet per se, so
I wrote them on looseleaf paper and then burned them.  Or something.
Thus I am also mocking the internet.

And I admit I am mocking M at M's spelling, as in this gem, from her
Chrestomanci tale "The Angel": "Dragon Noles was used to everything her
sister did to her such as steal her angle-like-quality".  'Cause Dragon,
poor dear, was obtuse?

My horribleness acknowledged, let's get on with it.)

I quote:

"Chapter Four.In which Daria gets into Trouble


Daria turned her glare on Brittany, if looks could kill, this one would
of killed Brittany several times over! Gee golly gosh, the glare she
gave Brittany was worse then a Howl glare, and a Sophie glare put


.Pardon me, but you three know who that girl was?. The flower shop guy

.What.s it to you?. Daria asked hostility once again in her voice.

.I.m just curious if I should alert the king, that.s all,. The man

.Well then if that.s the case,. Daria said with fake enthusiasm, that
anybody, with half a brain, could see through, .That was The Witch of
the Waste, you see she came striding into our camp, requiring some help.
Apparently Wizard Howl, who ever the hell he is, put wards up to keep
her from getting into Ingary and causing a lot of trouble. Yeah, so in
my fit of righteous, here that Brit RIGHTEOUS anger, I brought his wards
down, and now she is loose in Ingary, probably with my very magical
staff, having what one would call .long over due fun!. Isn.t that just

The man gulped, .Is that so? Would you three fine young ladies mind
steeping into my shop for a few minutes?.


All three of the girls gave each other confusing looks. Then walked in
who they believed was Sophie. She had ginger hair, and blue eyes, (a/n
did they ever tell what color Sophie.s eyes are?) then came in a fire
demon, which Daria assumed was Calcifer. Mary and Brittany gasped; Daria
just gave an unimpressed look.


Chapter Seven. In Which Morgan gets back from School


During the argument Howl and Sophie.s other children were secretly
pinning one parent against the other.

.Mom will win this one, I know it!. said the third eldest in the family
who had much of his mom in him.

.Don.t be stupid Mathew! Dad will win this one, after all he has more
magic then mom!. Scarlet told him, who was in fact the second eldest.

What does it matter whether we hang,
If we've learned a little wisdom?	-- _Jade_, Sally Watson

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