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Kyra imparted

>I now feel that it is necessary to share with everyone the fact that the
>top story for DWJ on right now for DWJ seems to begin with
>the following sentence:
>"Brittany the druid, Mary the bard, and Daria the magic user, made there
>[sic] way to Kingsbury with such high hopes, only to be crushed by

and some other gems from the same source.

I know I am ignorant of fanfiction, and I have to ask: apart from the
mention of Kingsbury, which I will agree is the name of a town in a DWJ
book, has this got anything at all to do with DWJ's work?  Or is it set in
Fantasyland, and that's the only link?

Is Brittany female?  Or alternatively, is a section of France being a
druid?  Now *that's* a thing DWJ might find fun to play with: bits of
countryside, personified, trying to find employment in nice respectable
trades.  I think I'll put it to her as a suggestion for a short story.

A parish from Bedfordshire getting apprenticed as a plumber -- which would
probably involve training by the River Wandle, in her spare time when she
isn't running a shop in a story by J.B.S. Haldane.  "Dudley the
Dog-Catcher" (a story for the younger children, I think).

"Only one last interview stood between Ditchling Beacon and employment in
the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food as a Grade 5 clerical

Actually, what I think I want to read is the gripping tale of Brittany's
fight to force the Ancient Order of Druids to become an equal-opportunities
employer and allow women to join them.  There's obviously lots of room for
a prequel to the gem you have found.


Minnow (*not* going there)

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