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Ika blake at
Wed Nov 17 08:06:57 EST 2004

Kyra shared with us

> the fact that the
> top story for DWJ on right now for DWJ seems to begin with
> the following sentence:
> "Brittany the druid, Mary the bard, and Daria the magic user, made there
> [sic] way to Kingsbury with such high hopes, only to be crushed by
> society."

That is a very joyous thing (I love the 'only to be crushed by society' in
particular, even more than I love 'Brittany the druid'). Thank you!

(And to think the only reason I never read any Dalemark fanfic was because
I was worried about spoilers for the books... clearly the very least of my

Love, Ika

PS: I have now read the first two Dalemark books and am waiting for a
moment to report back on them before I get on to Drowned Ammett and the
Crown of Dalemark. Hooray!

'Marx was right! Capitalism tends inevitably towards monopoly, and rich
people suck!'
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