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Wed Nov 17 07:56:37 EST 2004

On Tue, 16 Nov 2004, Ika wrote:

> *Almost all the stories on seem to be about Tom & Polly or Sophie
> & Howl, which is not something I'd be that interested in reading, because,
> you know, the *books* are about those pairings... but that's just me.
> Love, Ika

I now feel that it is necessary to share with everyone the fact that the
top story for DWJ on right now for DWJ seems to begin with
the following sentence:

"Brittany the druid, Mary the bard, and Daria the magic user, made there
[sic] way to Kingsbury with such high hopes, only to be crushed by

Somehow, the juxtaposition of this with DWJ makes it even funnier than it
would have been otherwise.  I think DWJ should start off her next _Castle_
book with this sentence, if only to see where it would take her.  I'd even
suggest keeping the "there," only probably nobody else would understand
why she had put it in.  Of course, I suppose doing that is liable to get
her sued, so it wouldn't work.

Actually, this story is one of the funniest things I have ever seen in my
life.  Which may just demonstrate how little time I spend on . . .

-"Daria was taught magic by a tree, the same tree that taught Mary, and
-"You could see the evil in them when they got angry, other than that,
they looked pretty normal."
-"Daria hit Mary up side the head, 'We are going that way!'  'Oh,' Mary
-Chapter 3 is called "In which Anger becomes a spiteful thing"

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