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Tue Nov 16 12:49:21 EST 2004

Deborah wrote:

> It hadn't occured to me that Howl has been brought into the world of
> "anime fandom":

It sort of had to me, though I hadn't got any further than "Hey, I bet now
I won't be the only person in the world (as far as I know) writing DWJ
slash*!" Can't decide whether I think this is good or bad, though <g>.

*Almost all the stories on seem to be about Tom & Polly or Sophie
& Howl, which is not something I'd be that interested in reading, because,
you know, the *books* are about those pairings... but that's just me.

I do wonder what effect the movie will have on DWJ fanfic in general
(currently very hard to find - if anyone knows of any good stories, please
tell me!) I know LotR fans who were mostly happy about the effect of the
movies on the fandom, since it meant there were a lot *more* stories, and
a lot of people suddenly found out about the existing fandom and started
writing book fanfic (rather than movie fic), and it would be cool if the
Howl movie had a similar (if probably smaller) effect; I'd like it if
there was more of a fiction community around DWJ.

At least, I think I would, but maybe it would be awful; DWJ is
*incredibly* hard to fanfic. OTOH, bad rip-offs of DWJ don't affect the
power of the originals - I mean, like Charlie said, Millie isn't the same
in CL after you've read LCC, but Charles Morgan *is* the same in Witch
Week after you've read the Harry Potter books. So hopefully a wave of bad
fanfic wouldn't do any real harm. Hmm. Anyway, it'll be interesting to

Love, Ika

PS: *waves* Hello again, everybody; I haven't been around for a couple of
months (recovering from submitting my PhD at the end of September,
catching up with everything that had been put on hold for six months while
I wrote up, etc) and I have a cache of interesting listmail that I hope to
have time to respond to soon. Yayy!

PPS: Congratulations, Minnow!

'Marx was right! Capitalism tends inevitably towards monopoly, and rich
people suck!'
- Mo, _Split-Level Dykes to Watch Out For_
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