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Tue Nov 16 07:47:55 EST 2004

I wrote:

>> The Regalia people are indigenous, and are related to the small, shy people
>> of the hedgerows -- and distantly to the rather less shy and more wanchancy
>> Lads who hang out in the cities and have a passion for liquorice allsorts
>> (if you ever happen to need to bribe them, but I hope you never do).

The Knowledge Pika wanted to know:

>Um. OB-american-stupid-question: what exactly is a liquorice allsort?
>And do you think they work on the Lads in cities in America? I know that
>in many cases they seem to prefer cigarettes (whether this is because
>they moved in out of the tobacco-using tribes or because it's simply a
>valuable currency, I'm not sure...)

Allsorts you've been told about, so I shan't; as for using cigarettes
instead, I dunno because the only small people I encountered in America
were far too busy telling DWJ how wonderful she was and being cross with
the English ones for not having fixed her back for her, and trying to make
her stay for ever by clinging to the wings of the plane so it had trouble
taking off, for me to have any occasion to find out if they needed bribing!
I don't think they were city folk, anyhow, even if they did venture into
the airport.


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