Minnow's dissertation, and the Merlin conspiracy (was Tough Guide: warning)

Elizabeth Evans er.evans at auckland.ac.nz
Mon Nov 15 14:47:44 EST 2004

Minnow said:

By the way, I finally got the MA dissertation finished and handed in, and
have immediately started work on the doctorate, but I *will* have time to
think about music again, truly I will...

Many congratulations, from someone who is very much at the other end of one!
Might one enquire what the topic of your dissertation is, and is your
doctorate continuing along the same path, or taking a new tack? (Perhaps I
will have to brush up on metaphors if I'm going to do this thesis thing

I am just re-reading 'The Merlin Conspiracy' before settling down to serious
study. There's always something new - I had forgotten that the salamanders
were invisible to most people. Do you think they are in any way connected
with the Regalia people? Apart from the invisibility factor, I mean.

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