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Philip wrote:

(The altered illustrations)
>Oh, no!  Half the fun of Tough guide is encountering an unexpected
>illustration and thinking "Where on Earth did she find _that_?"  (Possibly
>my only complaint is that the sources weren't acknowledged)

I think that was because they were not known, as it were.  There are books
of Victorian and Edwardian illustrations that are no longer in copyright,
for people to use as filler illustrations, and I think they all came from
one of those.

(The Map)
>Oh, no! again.  I _loved_ that map!  The Bay of Dogs, and all the river
>anagrams, and...  Pity the name "Sea of Canispa" wasn't attached to the
>(sadly absent) Caspian, but...
>Who did the map originally, do you know?  Was it DWJ herself?

I *think* it was Jo Fletcher, who was her editor at that point.  It would
be very like Jo to have got it right (apart from Gan'ash).  I suspect that
Diana didn't know what it was going to be like until she was shown it, and
that it was a lovely surprise for her.

(The thing that really worries me is that this Thing may also be Jo
Fletcher, in which case she is ill.  All I can do is hope that if it is, Jo
delegated the job to someone else, because I hate to think that she's so
ill that she wouldn't notice that it was all wrong; I like Jo, and if she
is that ill I am Not Happy about it.)

>> Some of the marginal symbols are in the wrong places, thus losing the
>point of those as well.
>Some of those I thought were silly.  But in the wrong places, they're _all_
>silly.  Gah!

Some of them were silly; that was part of the joke, that they should be
faintly absurd, as that sort of symbol is in for instance a hotel-guide:
the rocking-horse that means "we have a playroom for children", and so on.

>Next you'll be telling us that _They_ messed up the gnomic utterances as

erm...  Well, they have lost the lovely Illuminated Capitals at the top of
each section, and used some ordinary any-computer-has-it sort of ornamental
font instead; they have done away with the uncial faux-7th-century font and
used one of the less attractive sans-serif standard ones, and they have
failed to notice that the majuscule "d" in the original font is the same as
a minuscule one ... well, no, because they have given "Doras" a capital
initial, but they haven't given "Death" one, in the same Gnomic Utterance,
which is just so crass an error that I think the person who made it should
be pummelled to death using an organic carrot.  (I am trying to find out
who it was who produced this Thing if it wasn't Jo, so that I can take

I forgot to mention that _They_ have also decided to change the title from
*The Tough Guide to Fantasyland* to *The Tough Guide to Fantasy Land*.
Another point missed, since "Fantasyland" is a reference to the entry in
*The Encyclopedia of Fantasy*, which has no entry for "Fantasy Land".

>(I have two copies of Tough Guide.  One very battered that I bought new, and
>one in quite good condition that I picked up secondhand when I saw how
>battered my first edition was.)

Guard them with your life.  DWJ herself has no copy of the original, I
don't think, because she gave it to her son (for which read, he wanted it
so much that he got it); and she didn't even know there had *been* a
hardback, because she never saw one.  She thought it came out in paperback
only, both sides of the Atlantic.

 mine is coming apart...  waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh...

There is hope, though.  Anyone who hasn't got it at all can hold on for
Sharyn November's edition, which will be the same format as the Rough
Guides (because it will be coming from the same publisher as those) and she
swears and declares that she will be faithful to the first edition.  I
don't know when it's due, is the only problem.


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