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Sun Nov 14 19:22:13 EST 2004

I'm sorry if this offends anyone here who had to do with the production[1],
but I most strongly advise anyone who is after a copy of this work to go on
looking for the 1996 paperback, for all that the new edition is hardback
and a convenient size for the pocket when you go Questing.  I felt that
people ought to be warned.

For some reason I can't begin to fathom, since all the illustrations in the
original as far as I know were public domain and so won't have been
copyright to the first edition, somebody has been employed and presumably
paid to do Original Illustrations; they are nothing like as good, and lack
the charm and humour of the ones that were there before (though there are
-- mercifully -- a lot fewer).   Another somebody has been employed to
re-draw the map and re-name much of it, thereby completely missing the
point (I assume he didn't notice what it was that he was re-doing) and also
missing out Gna'ash -- even if it *was* called Gan'ash in the paperback,
that was better than nothing at all.  Some of the marginal symbols are in
the wrong places, thus losing the point of those as well.

I am told that the author's careful proof-reading and correction of the
typographical errors that had crept in during this new production were
totally ignored, and all the errors she asked to have corrected are still

It's a great shame.  I had planned some of those as presents for the
deserving, and now have to find something else to give instead rather than
short-change my friends by giving them something that is not up to standard
(the word that sprang to mind was "shoddy").

Sadly Disappointed[2] Minnow

[1] Actually, that's not true.  I am *not* sorry for being rude about this.
If anyone here is offended, on account of having been (ir)responsible for
the mess-up, let him or her now explain why this footling folly!  It can't
have been for reasons of cost, because the piffle cost more, I assume, than
using a map of Europe turned upside-down and out-of-copyright

[2] and angry

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