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Thu Nov 4 11:31:43 EST 2004

Aargh... I've just finished reading "Just Ella", by Margaret Haddix. Or rather, I *haven't* just finished it, because the last page is blank! Fiends! I suggest not buying the Aladdin edition.
Could someone who has the book tell me what I've missed? I'll put where it ends below some spoiler space- I think, from the tone of the sentences just before it cuts off, it's missing no more than a paragraph or two, but it's very annoying.

I enjoyed it, but I'm surprised it won a "Best YA" from the ALA, it had more the feel of a children's book to me. The premise was an interesting one, and there are some very nice, vividly written details, but it all seemed too simple; especially, I didn't feel like we got to know the characters well- the goodies and baddies were a bit too black-and-white. And the kingdom was a bit too generic-mediaeval-written-by-an-American/Fantasyland. [1]

I think I was expecting too much of it. (ObDWJ- when you've read the best...) My gripes are mainly that I feel it doesn't live up to its own best bits. As I say, I did enjoy it. 

[1] (I don't mean that all American authors do this!). Having Cinderella say "dang" and "okay" kept unsuspending my disbelief, too. There are some books that work well because of a sort of fun, um, postmodernness and awareness of the narrative, where you expect anachronisms, and some that are strong enough to work despite a few anachronisms, but these were annoying to me. 



The last page present is 217 in this edition. She has read the letter from Jed and is thinking about her memories from the palace, and the old woman who said she would live happily ever after. The last paragraph I have is "I stood and walked to the window. Outside, children with ragged clothes, runny noses, and wind-chapped faces" [ends there]

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