Caroline Stevermer books - pretty much totally OT, spoiler for COM

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Fri May 21 21:26:08 EDT 2004

<Elizabeth wrote:
> I've read 'A College of Magics' - is Scholar a 
sequel? And 
> has anybody read these who feels up to 
commenting on them?
"When the King Comes Home" is set in a medieval 
world (the past of the world of College of 
Magics). It's a good book, I liked the central
and it's an interesting story, but it just didn't

grab me the way College of Magics did, so I was a

bit disappointed. I introduced someone to 
Stevermer and this is her favourite book, though,
your milage may vary.>

I'm reading When The King Comes Home for the
second time right now. I'm about two thirds of
the way through and thoroughly enjoying it. The
only thing is I know there was a reason I wasn't
inclined to reread before this and I'm afraid I
will find out by the end of the book. There are a
lot of things I love about her books, she writes
engaging characters, her settings are always
individual and substantial..... yet for an author
I like this much I'm strangely lacking in the
kind of book hunger that other favourites afflict
me with (I've yet to order ASOM for example). It
may be the endings, I hate the end of Serpent's
Egg and I don't believe I ever will read that
again. I can't remember how the one with the
chocolate pot finishes -- or even it's

Something of a spoiler coming for A College of


And a College of Magics, which is a book I love
dearly and reread frequently has an ending which
I find just plain unsatisfactory. It uses a
device that I usually dislike for being a cop out
and which in this case I cannot feel will
actually lead to the "happy ending" that seems to
be indicated. It leaves me feeling irritated and
a bit let down every time I read it. If I was
ever tempted to write fanfic and change the
ending of a book this one would be it! 

After all that I really should promise to tell
you how I feel when I get to the end of WTKCH
and, well, I might. 


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