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Fri May 21 16:30:08 EDT 2004

On Fri, 21 May 2004, Dorian E. Gray wrote:

> Hm.  Possible cliches...Wimpy (or Unruly) New Girl Does Not Fit In.  Our
> Heroine Saves The Day.  A Prank Is Played.  The Prefects Mete Out Justice.
> Our Heroine/A New Girl Wins The Match At The Last Minute.  The Midnight
> Feast.  Snobby Girl Is Shown The Error Of Her Ways.  Jealous Girl Tries To
> Break Up A Friendship.

	Ooh! Cliches in Girl's School stories, one of my favourite games!  
What about Headstrong Girl Learns Her Lesson After Bad Accident And Spell
In A Wheelchair Or Equivalent? Something of a specialty of the Chalet
School's, from its earliest days in the Tirol (Stacie) to the last days
in Switzerland (Grizel) with many a broken & bleeding body in between. And 
while I'm on this subject I simply have to mention that GGBP have just 
reprinted the long-neglected fourth book in the What Katy Did series, 
Clover. Covers Katy's wedding & Clover's trip to 1880's Colorado, 
wonderful stuff! Apparently there's a fifth one in the series too, In The 
High Valley, and GGB will publish it in August.  

More info here, for those interested:

	Antonia Forest's Ready Made Family is up for republication next 

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