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Robyn said...

> A couple of chapters from a more generic school story. I am thinking a
> Chalet book, and I'm quite willing to take suggestions on which one. The
> more cliched the better, in some ways.

I can do you almost any Chalet book you like (I'm missing about 15 or 20
from the whole 69-book series!).  I also have a whole bunch of other school
stories, from Enid Blyton to far more obscure ones.  If you give me an idea
of the particular kinds of cliches you'd like incorporated, I'm sure I can
find something appropriate.

Not in any way to denigrate Deborah's offer, but if you really want to go
with the Chalet School, I'd recommend something from the middle of the
series, when the school is based in the UK - Austria (first part of the
series) and Switzerland (latter part of the series) are rather exotic
locations that are...well, less cliched (for a school story)!

Hm.  Possible cliches...Wimpy (or Unruly) New Girl Does Not Fit In.  Our
Heroine Saves The Day.  A Prank Is Played.  The Prefects Mete Out Justice.
Our Heroine/A New Girl Wins The Match At The Last Minute.  The Midnight
Feast.  Snobby Girl Is Shown The Error Of Her Ways.  Jealous Girl Tries To
Break Up A Friendship.

I could go on, but I won't.  The midnight feast, incidentally, seems mainly
to be the preserve of Enid Blyton; I can only think of one in the Chalet
School series (which ends in disaster) and none in any other school story I
own.  But I can find you plenty of example in all the others in the Chalet

Or, of course, there is possibly the Worst School Story Ever Written,
entitled "The Hoax of a Lifetime", which contains a memorable scene
involving the Bad Girl, Our Heroine, and a red-hot poker.  (I love that
book; it's so absurd!)

Anyway, let me know.

Until the sky falls on our heads...

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