OT: plea for assistance

Robyn Starkey rohina at shaw.ca
Fri May 21 14:11:16 EDT 2004

Dear Lovely DWJers

I am preparing for my children's lit course in the fall, and I am taking 
many of your suggestions. I need a little help because all my books are 
still in storage. I am hoping some kind persons on the list can do some 
photocopying for me. Naturally, I will reimburse you for your expenses, 
either in cash or in kind.

The things I need, currently, are:

The first 2 chapters of Autumn Term by Antonia Forest, and

A couple of chapters from a more generic school story. I am thinking a 
Chalet book, and I'm quite willing to take suggestions on which one. The 
more cliched the better, in some ways.


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