Howl and Bowie

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Mon May 17 08:45:23 EDT 2004

On Fri, 14 May 2004, Rowland, Jennifer A B wrote:

|Ika wrote:
|> I think Jon is right that the young Bowie couldn't actually
|> *act* Howl, but leaving that aside it would be a really interesting
|> casting choice. It would play up the dimension of Howl as 'heartless'
|> - damaged and slightly alien - and give the whole thing a more
|> sinister feel than Sophie's matter-of-fact POV allows for. Which
|> would be interesting to see.
|You gave me an image of Howl-as-played-by-Bowie-in-Labyrinth- cool, amused, sinister, manipulative- which is probably how I'll see him from now on! But I think that's what he'd *like* to be seen as, but really he's too human even without his heart (although "damaged and slightly alien" is right).

I had the exact same thought.  Which isn't going to do anything to
lessen my crush on Howl (still slightly ahead of my crush on Blade, and
second only to my crush on George Cooper.

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