Eliminating the Abusive Guardians/Parents (was: Re: Ending of eight days of Luke - SPOILERS)

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Sat May 15 14:56:12 EDT 2004

JOdel wondered:

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>> It also struck me how very similar this device was to the one used at the
>> end of Roald Dahl's *Matilda* to get rid of Matilda's unpleasant family and
>> allow her to move in with Miss Honey. (Another parallel, not quite exact:
>> David's relatives had been spending money to which he was entitled; Miss
>> Trunchbull had been doing the same to Miss Honey.) Does this kind of thing
>> happen a lot in children's fiction?
>It did back when DWJ wrote that one. Classic way to get rid of nasty people.
>(Everyone you dislike is baaaaad.) Was Matilda published before 8DL or after?
>My impression is that they came out around the same decade.

*Eight Days of Luke*, 1975; *Mathilda*, 1988.


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