Ending of eight days of Luke - SPOILERS

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Sat May 15 13:37:28 EDT 2004

> It also struck me how very similar this device was to the one used at the 
> end of Roald Dahl's *Matilda* to get rid of Matilda's unpleasant family and 
> allow her to move in with Miss Honey. (Another parallel, not quite exact: 
> David's relatives had been spending money to which he was entitled; Miss 
> Trunchbull had been doing the same to Miss Honey.) Does this kind of thing happen a 
> lot in children's fiction?

It did back when DWJ wrote that one. Classic way to get rid of nasty people. 
(Everyone you dislike is baaaaad.) Was Matilda published before 8DL or after? 
My impression is that they came out around the same decade.
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