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> I believe that "The Fat Wizard" was distributed to the members of Apanage 
> (an APA on children's literature) many years ago, I think when DWJ was a 
> member?  JOdell, do you remember this? [There's a copy of it in my house 
> somewhere, she said, scrabbling madly among the bookcases - it was a charming little 
> booklet, with color illuminations...]
Actually the history here predated my return to Apanage (I was inactive for 
14 years, before fighting my way back up the waitlist from Hell). 

DWJ had been an honorary member for a time during the period I was away, but 
dropped out about the time I got back. However, at one point during the 
previous editor's tenure there had been a "festshrift" in his honor, and a number of 
the members had made special contirbutions to it. DWJ had contributed a xerox 
of the story from a previously published source. 

Some time after my return (a year or two later iirc) I had finished up a 
project of my own and discovered that I *liked* designing books and, decided to 
put together something as a Christmas mailing for the membership, managed to 
find an address and wrote DWJ for permission to use the text for the limited 
mailing. I sent her a copy as well.

It was a couple of weeks after I sent them out that I discovered that there 
had been a layout glitch on the next to last page where something had conspired 
to let the last line in the text box get behind the page decoration and hide 
itself. I had only just started working in InDesign, after using PageMaker for 
years and was still making fairly elementary blunders.

I corrected the file, but never did a reprint. 
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