Subject: Howl and Bowie

Ven vendersleighc at
Fri May 14 19:28:31 EDT 2004

Charlie wrote

<I know that Howl-casting is an occasional hobby 
of some members of this =
list, so I wondered what you'd make of Alice K. 
Turner's suggestion in =
the New York Review of Science Fiction that Howl 
is 'a Byronesque figure =
(rather like the young David Bowie)'?>

I agree with Jon's comments about Bowie's acting
(though he does act very well for a rock star). I
actually think that on the basis of looks Spiders
from Mars guitarist, the late Mick Ronson had the
edge. I can see him as the plain rugby playing
muddy haired Howell Jenkins as well as the dandy
Wizard Howl.

Incidentally, have I ever mentioned on this list
my most triumphant -- or perhaps saddest fangirl
moment -- in 1973, at Guildford Civic Hall, I
touched David Bowie's knee. 


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