who says fairytales don't come true? Mary + Frederick

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Linking it back to on topic.
Fredrick wore the Order of the Elephant, which looks like the picture on the cover of one of the editions of the Merlin Conspiracy (see post by Bodil ages ago).
I missed most of it. But saw them parading through the streets of Copenhagen.  Which (linking it back to topic again) I recognised bits of having been to Denmark to visit Bodil who I met on this list... 
See, there is a DWJ link to everything :)
(way past my bedtime)

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Just watched the broadcast of The Wedding... it was sooooo gorgeous! (It is sooooo late!)
Best bits: Watching Crown Prince Frederick's face, especially as the bride's arrival drew nearer and the first part of the service (jitters, teary-eyed, over the moon); Mary's dress (wow she was so beautiful!); the music just after the vows, 'Prayer', with harp and choral and organ and everything melding gloriously. Oh, and the guy in the SBS sound studio who just wasn't a translator and who kept getting interrupted by mobile phones at inopportune moments and someone saying something about Simon Creane... poor guy.
Was anyone actually there in Copenhagen to see the ceremony? This list is about as international a forum as I know.

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