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Fri May 14 11:54:34 EDT 2004

>Ven said:
>> I couldn't come up with an answer when someone
>> asked which character I most identified with

and Ika replied:
><g> Whereas I can come up with five:
>Cat and/or Roddy (if I'm honest)
>Gair (according to my girlfriend)
>Gwendolen (according to my ex)
>Chrestomanci/Christopher Chant (I wish)

All six of these are among the list of people to
give the answers for.  :-)

On the whole, where people appear in more than
one book their answers are given for only one
book, as it might be  "Kit in *The Dark Lord of
Derkholm*", because quite often they change a
fair amount between books, but if DWJ did "Kit
in *Year of the Griffin*" as well we'd end up
with even *more* for her to do, and they are a
bit different (eight years or so) but not
fundamentally so.

The exception is "Chrestomanci in any book apart
from *The Lives of Christopher Chant*" and
"Christopher Chant in *The Lives of Christopher
Chant*", because they are as near as makes no odds
different people in many respects and both need
to be included.

Well, let's say DWJ has done both and the answers
are not the same, so we'd better get used to
thinking of them as being slightly different
people.  Sorry, Ika!

All your multiple personalities above are in the
"to include" list if they haven't already been
done, so you may find out the True You yet.


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