Fire and Hemlock (was Fantasy starter pack)

Ika blake at
Fri May 14 05:38:43 EDT 2004

Hallie wrote:

> I'd definitely put in a vote for Fire and Hemlock

and a few other people mentioned it, and that reminded me that when I was
first poking through the list archives online a while ago I was really
surprised to see Fire & Hemlock (and Deep Secret) so high on the list of
favourites, as they're probably two of my three least favourite DWJs.*

This has nothing to do with putting together a fantasy starter pack, as I
read barely any adult fantasy, so my preferences probably aren't helpful
in trying to convert anyone, but I'd be very interested to hear what
people see in Fire & Hemlock in particular.

Love, Ika

*I find it a lot easier to put my least favourite DWJs in order than my
top favourites, for some reason

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