Howl and Bowie

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Fri May 14 05:11:53 EDT 2004


>> I know that Howl-casting is an occasional hobby of
>> some members of this list, so I wondered what you'd
>> make of Alice K. Turner's suggestion in the New York
>> Review of Science Fiction that Howl is 'a Byronesque
>> figure (rather like the young David Bowie)'?
> Yes I can see that, certainly as the image he tries to
> project of himself, it all goes with the blackening
> name stuff, and I can see a young David Bowie as that
> sort, but Howl is a bit more complicated than that and
> I don't that that a young Bowie was quite the actor to
> get that complexity.

<happy sigh> Thanks for posing the question, Charlie: it sparked a very
long conversation in my household which made me miss a train and be half
an hour late for my martial arts class (though we skipped off the subject
of Howl quite quickly and got onto the for-some-reason perennially
fascinating topic of Christopher and Milly's marriage, as per usual).

I think Jon is right that the young Bowie couldn't actually *act* Howl,
but leaving that aside it would be a really interesting casting choice. It
would play up the dimension of Howl as 'heartless' - damaged and slightly
alien - and give the whole thing a more sinister feel than Sophie's
matter-of-fact POV allows for. Which would be interesting to see.

Incidentally, Jenny (girlfriend) says Bowie should play Calcifer, and
she's exactly right about that, I think, which might reveal something
interesting about the similarities between Howl and his demon... (Eep! I
just went all Philip Pullman there.)

Love, Ika

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