Unexpected Magic

Ven vendersleighc at yahoo.com
Thu May 13 19:50:50 EDT 2004

Just think, only last week I was telling someone
that Sethra Lavode was the last hardback I was
going to buy until Conrad's Fate comes out and
now....... There are eight stories in this
collection that I do not have. Eight! There would
only be five were it not for a very sad story,
which I am going to relate, as remembering has
revived my indignation about the whole affair.
Many years ago I lent some books to a friend,
including Warlock at the Wheel, a hardback copy
of Angela Carter's Wise Children and several more
of value to me. A while later, when I saw her
husband at a party I remembered to ask for them
back "Oh," he said "I sold them."
"...........!!!" I replied but basically he
refused to comprehend that there was anything
wrong with selling books that someone else had
lent to your wife. The only thing that came close
to being as bad was when another mate had some of
my books stolen along with his own entire book
and record collection, but at least he was sorry
-- and I was much sorrier for him.

So taking all that into account I'm just going to
have to phone the Space Centre tomorrow aren't I?


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